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This dealership is a joke. My car broke down at 24,000 miles due to transmission failure. my UConnect bluetooth module was not working either. at the time of transmission repair my car had a cold air intake, exhaust and metal intercooler instead of the stock plastic one (mainly becuase the intercooler mount melted from how hot this car ran stock. ) Transmission was repaired no questions asked. however the bluetooth module was not fixed because the dealership had told me the car was too new and they didn't know why it was locked up and acting like it was.

The car functioned fine for about another 30k miles. -- at 59k(ish) miles the transmission was behaving strange and telling me auto stick was not available. I went back to franklin sussex. they looked at the transmission and flashed new firmware due to a "Safety Recall" I came and picked up my car. However i was charged a diagnostic fee to tell me my uconnect was locked up (which i already paid for back when I found out my Uconnect was locked up the first time i went in for service) and it would cost me $450 to fix. outraged I asked to speak to Jim, telling him that It should be paid for since the issue was documented since 24k miles. Jim turned me away and told me he wouldn't budge on helping me.

So now not only was I out 120$ for a diagnostic fee that I told them i didn't want because i knew the reason the bluetooth wasn't working. at this point they wouldn't stand behind their product. Car goes in 3 days later (For transmission issues what a surprise!) This time they blamed it on a wiring issue. stating that it was an electrical short causing the transmission issues. and I was charged $247.

Annoyed I paid it and picked up my car and was on my way. 2 weeks later my car goes in for transmission issues yet again. Mind you every time my car has gone in for service it has had the same parts on it and no questions asked. I was also put in a rental no questions asked. Paid for. This time i was put in a rental. They told me that they would call me and let me know whats going on when they can get to it which was about a week from then. A week goes by and Pam calls me telling me that Jim would like to speak to me. Jim gets on the phone and proceeds to tell me that he isnt going to fix my car because my modifications are the reason my transmission is having issues. Annoyed we went back and forth on the phone for a little bit. Jim admitted that the modifications weren't the reason for the transmission issues - unless the car was tuned very very heavily the parts I had on it would not do anything to the transmission. yet he would still not honor fixing the car even thought there were no new parts added and it was in the same condition as it was when it broke down and 24000 miles and the "engineers came to look at it and okayed it for repair"

2 days later im blind-sided by a charge for 547.51 for the cost of my rental. Furious i called the dealership and Jim told me he isnt covering my rental and that I was Informed when i got the rental that it would be on me if they didnt fix the car. The funny thing is I didnt speak to jim about my car until i had already received it back. when I was given my rental I was given a reservation number on the phone drove over two days later. handed my keys over to Pam and had enterprise outside waiting for me.

Frustrated I reached out to a buddy of mine who is a mechanic for the company. He let me know that the transmission has been blown from the start and they didnt fix it because the dealership did not want to take the hit for a transmission. nothing that was done to the car had any relation to why the car wasn't functioning.

Needless to say I will never refer another family member or friend (Which i sent alot of) to get a car from here. we will all go to different dealerships for service. and I am going to let everyone know about the service and mistreatment I received from this dealership.

Avoid this dealership at any cost. they will try to nickle and dime you where as Precision in Butler will really take care of you. Drive the few extra miles.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of franklin sussex automall car repair and associated monetary loss in the amount of $489. Franklin Sussex Automall needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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The biggest problem with this service department is the *** sitting in the managers office. Lying *** with no integrity at all. Lets the advisors take a beating for everything that goes on there.

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